3 reasons why LA Rams will go 4-4 or better after the BYE

Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys, Sean Mcvay
Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys, Sean Mcvay / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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What is, may not be what will be. While a simple statement, it's a phrase that many NFL fans either forget or ignore in the overly dramatic responses to a loss or a losing record. NFL players get injured and sometimes make mental errors on the football field. For the LA Rams, the 2023 season has certainly had its share of both.

It has all contributed to an expected but still disappointing 3-6 record at their Week 10 BYE. It's the second consecutive season for the LA Rams to fall to 3-6 after nine games. In 2022, the Rams plummeted all the way down to 3-9 before turning the corner to close out the season with a 2-3 record. Is that the fatre for this Rams team in 2023?

While there is always the desperation and dramatics present on social media that may say otherwise, I think that the LA Rams are poised to pivot to success. While I think that the team will fall short of post-season competition, I do believe that the LA Rams are due to win some games.

Success is more important than draft position

Even as the LA Rams opened the season with an impressive upset victory against their NFC West Division Rivals, the Seattle Seahawks, stringing together some wins after the BYE will help point this team in the right direction again. As we have seen with the LA Rams draft class of 2023, the Rams front office has not lost the ability to select game changing rookies even without a pick in Round 1.

I would and have argued that the Rams selected the best offensive guard, wide receiver, outside linebacker, and nose tackle from the 2023 NFL Draft, and did so on Day 2 and Day 3 of the draft. So it's less important for the Rams roster to select early in the draft, and far more vital to select wisely in the draft.

2023 was never going to be about getting to the NFL Playoffs, any more than it has been about tanking for the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. This season has been about assembling a young and talented group of players, forging them into a team, and then helping them to develop individually and as groups, and finally as a cohesive and competitive team.

The best track for the LA Rams to follow was never to win early. It was to improve each week as a team. Unfortunately, injuries, tough opponents, and mental mistakes have masked how effective and improved this team has been in recent weeks. But after the Week 10 BYE, those speed bumps should vanish and the Rams should find themselves in smooth sailing. How can I be so confident? Here's why: