3 reasons why Rams added FA RB Boston Scott just hours after the draft

Los Angeles Rams, Boston Scott
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By the time that the LA Rams selected Michigan rookie running back Blake Corum with the 83rd pick of the 2024 NFL Draft, he was only the third running back to come off the draft board. The Carolina Panthers had chosen Texas RB Jonathon Brooks with the 46th overall pick in Round 2, while the Arizona Cardinals selected Florida State RB Trey Benson with the 66th overall pick in Round 3 of the draft.

With that selection, the Rams now had four versatile running backs on the roster. Of course, there was the return of feature running back Kyren Williams. Next in line is veteran RB Ronnie Rivers. They were followed by second-year RB Zach Evans., And now, with an investment into RB Blake Corum with a Round 3 pick in the draft, you can anticipate a significant shake-up in terms of the team's depth chart at the position.

But hold the presses. The Rams were not done just yet:

So what can we learn from the Rams sudden interest in adding a fifth running back? Plenty. So let's jump right into it.

Bonus: Boston Scott pushes 2nd-year RB Zach Evans to a roster bubble

I won't lie. I love the addition of former Philadelphia Eagles RB Boston Scott. Despite standing 5-foot-6 and weighing 203 pounds, he is a tough-as-nails rusher who is as versatile as they come. And while versatility is often cited as a good thing, we seldom explain why it is a good thing. So let's address that right now.

Scott can be used in many ways in the offense. Because he has the ability to fill multiple roles as one player, he is far more useful and valuable than a player who is limited to just one role. For examplt, Scott is a veteran who instantly pushes RB Zach Evans to a roster bubble because, with all things being equal, the team is better off with Scott who can be used in many ways as an offensive weapon. Unless Zach Evans blows the coaching staff away in training camp this year, his roster spot is truly in peril.