3 reasons why Rams added FA RB Boston Scott just hours after the draft

Los Angeles Rams, Boston Scott
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I: Rams are committed to a Gould standard in 2024

Since hiring RB Coach Ron Gould, the LA Rams running game has slowly but steadily begun to resemble the fantastic rushing offenses of yesteryear. And with the investment into the offensive line and running back rooms in 2024, I cannot see how the team will not develop the ground assault even further this year.

From trading away disgruntled RB Cam Akers to blending a committee of rushers when Kyren Williams fell to injury, the team appears to have a solution to every challenge that it has faced so far. Now, with the addition of Scott, I believe that this team's running back committee feels as though Kyren Williams, Blake Corum, and Boston Scott will handle the workload, and will be every bit as effective as the Run DMC RB committee of 2020 that was made up of Darrell Henderson Jr., Malcolm Brown, and Cam Akers.

Boston Scott adds that last flourish of a veteran who is content to pick up some carries here and there, but who can step up and start for the team if the situation calls for it. And there are many scenarios that I can imagine that would call for it through the 2024 NFL season.

Rams HC Sean McVay is finally getting the type of trustworthy running game that he can depend on in games, and that is thanks to the expertise of Coach Gould. It's becoming glaringly apparent that this team has a 'type' of receiver, and that type is a runner who stands under 5-foot-10 with a low center of gravity, who can evade tacklers, but who can run through the first defender and arm tackles.

Boston Scott fits that purchase order to a tee. Even as he brings unique qualties to the offense and special teams, he overlaps the talents of Kyren Williams and Blake Corum enough to be a vital strategic addition to the Rams roster.

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