3 reasons why Rams had to re-sign Coleman Shelton

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Reason III: Mudd-ball. Howard Mudd's essentials

While LA Rams' new OL Coach Ryan Wendell may not have been a Pro Bowl center like Saturday or Kelce, he understands the techniques required. After all, the 6-foot-2 275-pound former NFL center had a meaningful eight-season NFL career, seven of which were with the New England Patriots and hiking the ball to New England Patriots veteran quarterback Tom Brady.

Athletic offensive linemen play nothing like the more common 'wall' type of offensive linemen. You can thank the coaching success of offensive line coach Howard Mudd for that. Athletic offensive linemen do not try to stick and hold defenders, who are often bigger and even stronger than they are. Instead, they hammer at the guy like a jackhammer or battering ram, using the series of punchlike moves that keep a defender off-balance.

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When Howard Mudd speaks, I listen

In the podcast below, former ESPN analyst John Clayton and OL Coach Howard Mudd talk about coaching offensive linemen. In the interview, Howard Mudd cites the incredible job that LA Rams OL Coach Aaron Kromer did with veteran OT Andrew Whitworth (check out the 9:20 mark).

Howard Mudd is a straight shooter, and the fact that he cites Kromer's job with Whitworth is proof that this is a step in the right direction. And former Rams OL Coach Aaron Kromer hand-picked Ryan Wendell to be his assistant OL coach in Buffalo with the Bills.

It's no accident that LA Rams new OL Coach Ryan Wendell worked with Aaron Kromer. Wendell is the perfect positional coach for IOL Coleman Shelton, and here are some more reasons why I have come to that conclusion. Mudd is one of those legendary NFL coaches who could convey his immense stored knowledge effortlessly. He authored a book titled The View from the O-Line: Football According to NFL Offensive Linemen and an Uncommon Coach, which I highly recommend. Mudd was the type of passionate coach who loved the game and was innovative enough to succeed at it.

But Mudd changed the NFL's view of athletic offensive linemen. The position is no longer defined by huge men who move slowly but cannot be moved. The NFL now also values the battering ram, jackhammer style of a slightly smaller and more athletic offensive lineman. And now, the LA Rams look to benefit from a little Mudd-ball of their own.