3 reasons why the LA Rams roster will best PFF's paltry projections

Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Sean McVay / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Reason II: Rams offensive line has been upgraded

While there are some reports that cite the Rams offensive line as struggling at pass blocking in 2023, there has been next to nothing in terms of research to explain why that is. Of the 30 quarterback sacks suffered by starting quarterback Matthew Stafford, 50 percent of those sacks, or 15, occurred over a four game stretch from Weeks 3 through 6.

Over that period, left tackle Alaric Jackson was injured in Week 3, and missed most of that game as well as Week 4. Meanwhile, the offensive line brought RG Kevin Dotson online beginning in Week 4. His appearance, while it would ultimately result in a much better offensive line, suffered growing pains as the entire unit had to adapt to the new configuration. But even with those challenges, the Rams allowed just 34 quarterback sacks all season. That is sixth best among all NFL teams in 2023.

And fans have every reason to expect an even better performance in 2024.

Subtle changes are the best kind. The team not only brought back starting left tackle Alaric Jackson (a move that is completely underestimated by the way) and right guard Kevin Dotson, but by adding left guard Jonah Jackson, was able to reassign rookie sensation Steve Avila from his left guard position to center.

That subtle move not only adds an accomplished veteran to the offensive line but places the most willing offensive lineman who loves to help out his teammates into a role that affords him a golden opportunity to do so. Throughout the 2023 NFL season, I was impressed at how vigilant Avila remained. He not only engaged his assignment quite effectively, but he managed to peel off and block other defenders before they could get past his teammates.

With a new interior offensive line core, the Rams blocking for 2024, both in passing and running plays, is logically expected to improve. And the team's offensive line was quite good in 2023 to begin with.