3 reasons why the Los Angeles Rams can win the Super Bowl in the 2024 NFL Season

Should the Los Angeles Rams have realistic, Super Bowl aspirations for 2024?
Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Reason No. 3: Uncanny "three year cycle" is cropping up again

Ramblin' Fan Site Expert Bret Stuter has caught a trend going on with the Los Angeles Rams, and it's a three-year trend:

Here's how the cycle has looked recently:

"Cycle I:
2016: 4-12
2017: 11-5, 0-1 NFL Playoffs
2018: 13-3, 2-1 NFL Playoffs, Lost in Super Bowl LIII to NE Patriots 13-3

Cycle II:
2019: 9-7
2020: 10-6 1-1 NFL Playoffs
2021: 12-5, 4-0 NFL Playoffs, Won in Super Bowl LVI over Cincinnati Bengals 23-20

Cycle III:
2022: 5-12
2023: 10-7, sixth seed NFL Playoffs
2024: TBD"

Bret Stuter

Each year of the cycle began with not making the playoffs, only to make the playoffs in year two, get bounced out before the Super Bowl, and then to finish it off, making the Super Bowl in year three. The 2018 NFL Season saw the Rams lose to the New England Patriots in the big game, but they got back to the Super Bowl in 2021 and came away with a victory.

The most recent cycle has followed the first two years thus far, so could that only mean the LA Rams are again poised to make a Super Bowl run in 2024? Well, if this cycle means anything, then the answer is yes. But if we follow the trend of this cycle, well, the Rams are going to lose in the Super Bowl.

Regardless, this might just be some dumb luck, but it's certainly something worth mentioning.