3 Round 1 draft prospects that Rams should pass on to avoid annoying fans

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The LA Rams have a lot of decisions to make as the 2024 NFL Draft inches ever closer. While many questions that were on fans minds as the 2023 NFL season ended have been resolved with savvy free agency signings, there are more questions to sort out. After all, the complexity of reforming an entire NFL roster to the 90-man training camp limit is never an easy task. There is a bit of science to the exercise. The plethora of data analytics and scouting reports that must be read, digested, and discussed in order to set the hierarchy of how the will address roster shortfalls from the previous season.

Yet, there is a bit of an artform to the process as well.

If rebuilding a roster was easy, every team would establish teams that by sake of league wide parity would toggle between 7-10 seasons and 10-7 seasons, and be influenced more by the weekly injury report than anything else.

But it's never that easy, nor does anyone believe it to be. Building a roster is like trying to reconstruct a 3-dimensional image of an NFL Championship team when each new season you are given only half of the pieces. To complete the image, you must shop in the annual NFL Free Agency market. Then, you must spend your draft picks. Once those avenues have been exhausted, you must race through the candy scramble to sign unclaimed college free agents.

After all those options are taken, the front office must compare their ideal roster to what they have, and try to fill in as best they can with whatever is left over to be signed from the free agency market once more.

But some paths complicate the process even further. After all, the key to creating an NFL Championship roster is to complement the skills of one player with the different skills of another player. Everyone must be compatible in terms of commitment and work ethic. And then the front office must sustain a balance of spending among various positional groups, as well as create adequate roster depth without investing too heavily into any one position.

That is the tightrope that Rams GM Les Snead must traverse each season. To help him along this season, here are three Round 1 draft prospects that the Rams should pass on to avoid annoying fans. Let's see what I mean:

3 Round 1 draft prospects that Rams should pass on to avoid annoying fans

  1. III: An elite center prospect
  2. II: An elite tight end prospect
  3. I: An elite QB prospect