3 steps to rebuild Rams depleted DL despite a weak rookie class

Kobie Turner, Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams
Kobie Turner, Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Okay. So now that the LA Rams find themselves looking for help on the defensive front, is this the right time to shop for defensive linemen? Much like trying to get a loan, the best time to do so is when you do not need the extra cash. For the Rams' current situation, players and their agents know that the team is eager to add talent. After all, things are pretty bad on the Rams roster. At least, they are pretty dismal on the defensive line.

But are they that bad? Unfortunately, yes they are.

Perhaps we as a collective fan base have taken our eyes off the ball. The news of Aaron Donald's retirement may not have been new news to the Rams organization, but it certainly has been for those of us who sit in the stands, make our weekly football pilgrimage to SoFi Stadium, and cheer on the Rams to another victory. And that news has filled our windshields with headlines that ultimately boil down to one simple statement:

Aaron Donald will not suit up for the LA Rams again.

So far, some have rushed to seek immediate reinforcements to the Rams roster. Others have stepped back and have begun to cite the inherent problems with trying to fill a roster void in reactionary fashion. But if the Rams front office has a plan to fill the defensive line ranks, there is little evidence to that effect. In fact, the evidence that does exist seems to suggest that someone has fallen asleep at the wheel.

How can I saw that? Well, let's keep it simple. The LA Rams run a 3-4 defensive front, which consists of three down defensive linemen and four linebackers. With that in mind, you could and should expect that the roster would try to hold no less than six defensive linemen and eight linebackers just to ensure adequate depth for OTAs and training camp, and to infuse sufficient competition at each position.