3 things NFL experts are getting wrong about LA Rams in 2023

Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Right now, there is not a lot that is truly 'known' about the LA Rams or the Rams roster for the 2023 NFL season. But that hasn't stopped the annual array of speculation from flying across the headlines of NFL sports sites. When it comes to the Rams, most of the news, speculation, and conjecture are as all over the board as the steel pellets that fly out of the barrel of a shotgun.

Everyone wants to pin down these LA Rams, whether to ignore the fact that over half of the players on this team have never played a single snap for the LA Rams before in their entire lives, or to the belief that the LA Rams coaching staff, led by Sean McVay, can snap his fingers and make everything alright this year. This Rams team will be better than many expect. How much better is up in the air.

It's the expectations, not the team, that could disappoint

Yes, these Rams could be better than expectations, and these Rams could be worse than expectations. So how do you know whether you will be pleased or disappointed with the Rams this year? It depends on where each of us sets those realistic expectations, doesn't it? This is not a slam by any means to the many optimistic fans who believe in this team. I am frequently one of the most optimistic of the bunch. But this year, I am attempting to follow the LA Rams' own lead.

However, there are experts out there who should know better. Those are the talking heads from NFL news media who employ the folks to research, review, and respond to the curiosity of NFL fans about how well teams will fare in the upcoming 2023 NFL season. Starting from the fantasy football gurus who sell you their perspective to this year's FF stars, to the NFL analysts whose expertise can only be had behind a paywall or subscription, many seem to have turned their backs on any attempts to get to know these LA Rams and are reading from last year's scripts.

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We may not know a great deal about the LA Rams, and that's okay. But shrugging their shoulders and saying "We don't really know," is not something you will read if you are plopping down hard-earned currency for that NFL experts' views on the team. And so, they wade into the unknown, much of the time with a description of the team in 2023 that was written about 2022. What do I mean? Here are 3 things that NFL experts are getting wrong about LA Rams in 2023