3 things NFL experts are getting wrong about LA Rams in 2023

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LA Rams are not ready for Prime Time games in 2023

When the NFL schedulers sat down with television producers to plan out which teams would land which primetime games, they certainly did not have any love for the winners of Super Bowl LVI. After all, the LA Rams compete on the West Coast, which is a tough spot to generate a lot of interest on the East Coast. Compounding that fact is the small detail that the LA Rams were a 5-12 team in 2022.

The television producers are motivated by one thing, and one thing alone: viewership. Sadly, I'm not quite convinced that there is a full appreciation for the drama in the LA Rams history that can be leveraged for viewers to tune in. Such drama as the LA Rams HC Sean McVay facing his former colleague, Green Bay Packers HC Matt LaFleur, all the while LaFleur's younger brother, Mikk LaFleur, is the Rams new offensive coordinator.

GMFB's Peter Schrager does his thing

Nobody makes the point better Good Morning Football host Peter Schrager, and that is my cue to step back and let him do his thing:

The point that Peter Schrager is making is the fact that the schedule makers and network producers simply dropped the ball this season. After all, the NFL season has plenty of primetime games to go around. In 2022, for example, the NFL enjoyed 52 primetime games, which meant that 104 NFL teams were featured in the best timeslot for NFL viewing. With a 32-team league, that equates to an average of better than three primetime contests per team.

The Rams do not deserve to get the average number of featured games? That's pretty funny, particularly considering the fact that the LA Rams have one of the best track records of success under head coach Sean McVay in the NFL right now.

Whether you consider the LA Rams absolutely disrespected or simply just flying under the radar, one thing is clear. This LA Rams team has very little to lose in 2023. If the team struggles, the Rams have their first ever first-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft to jumpstart restocking the Rams roster to compete in the future. If the Rams play better than expected, this team is playing with house money, and the Rams will have an incredibly robust and young roster for 2024 as well.

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Is this team deserving to be in the discussion for the NFL Playoffs just yet? No. But an upset victory or two over the course of the season could make all the difference in the world. And we all know that in each season, sometimes perform worse than expected, while other teams perform better than expected. This team is finish strong, no matter how they look early.