3 trades to propel Rams into Super Bowl contenders in 2024

Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay, Les Snead
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Trade Scenario III: Trade for this backup quarterback

We know that the LA Rams want to acquire a quarterback who is capable of starting in NFL games, and winning, but who is also patient enough to sit behind starting QB Matthew Stafford. On the surface, that might appeal to fans who see the result of two previous veteran quarterbacks who were willing to restore their reputation by renting themselves out to the LA Rams offense.

But the fact that the Rams only offer a backup quarterback position behind one of the most dangerous passers in the NFL is not exactly attracting many of the top free agent quarterbacks.

Bears QB Justin Fields has one more year on his rookie contract, and as such could be a wise enough investment for the team that has a reputation for putting the shine on somewhat tarnished quarterbacks. And let's face it. The Chicago Bears might want to optimize a trade of Justin Fields to make way for their next 2024 rookie quarterback, but his market is shrinking rapidly.

And that is not wild speculation. Just look at the events of teams once thought to be his most likely landing spots.

While some believe that the Rams could restore New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, his TD-to-INT ratio of less than one is not something that can be easily coached out of a young quarterback. While at a similar crossroads in his career, Bears QB Justin Fields has a much better TD-to-INT ratio. Even better, he is taller and a bit bigger than Wilson. Best of all, while Wilson can run, Justin Fields is a significant offensive weapon with the football in his hands. He has averaged over 700 rushing yards and nearly five rushing touchdowns per season. Wilson's average, while respectable, clocks in at just one-third of that amount.

So what would it take to pry FIelds from the Bears? Per The Athletic's Jeff Howe, a survey of eight NFL executives and coaches believe that they would need to settle for draft picks in Round 3 and Round 5. So here is what that trade would look like:

Trade for Justin Fields

This trade would arm the team'6s offense with a big-bodied quarterback in the last year of his rookie contract, and arm the Chicago Bears with sufficient draft picks to build around a new rookie quarterback, whoever he may be.