3 trades to propel Rams into Super Bowl contenders in 2024

Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay, Les Snead
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Trade Scenario II: Trade for secondary help

The Kansas City Chiefs once traded CB Marcus Peters to the LA Rams. Now the Chiefs may be willing to tag and trade DB L'Jarius Snead, and the Rams are in the market for a veteran defensive back. Per ESPN's NFL Insider Jeremy Fowler, the Chiefs used the non-exclusive franchise tag to place hold Sneed on their roster while he and his agent try to negotiate a deal with a new NFL team.

This developing scenario has LA Rams and Rams GM Les Snead written all over it. L'Jarius Sneed is a solid cornerback who stands 6-foot-1, weighs 192 pounds, has a solid track record of creating turnovers, and has been very effective at denying passes from opposing quarterbacks from reaching their targets.

And the Chiefs are willing to trade him.

When the LA Rams were trying to place All-Pro DB Jalen Ramsey with a new team, his value in a vacuum was a first-round pick. But NFL teams do not conduct trades in a vacuum. Rather, they are limited to reality, a reality that forces them to consider player value, trade compensation value, and most importantly, salary and compensation value. That is why the Rams ultimately settled for a single Round 3 draft pick, plus oft injured TE Hunter Long.

With that trade as a precedent, the Chiefs should be willing to accept a trade package of no better than a Round 3 draft pick as the starting bid. Of course, the front office would need to ensure that L'Jarius Snead and his agent would be willing to negotiate a new multi-year deal with the Rams after the trade. The Rams were able to get a deal done for Jalen Ramsey, so that should be doable as well. Another point in the Rams favor is that the Chiefs are an AFC team, and the Rams are an NFC team, so there is little risk of improving an opponent

So what would this trade look like?

L'Jarius Sneed Trade

While there may be concerns over the two trade scenarios so far having a similar appearance, the two trades are quite different. In this trade, the Chiefs acquire the more valuable Round 3 pick up front. In the Fields trade, the Bears acquire the more valuable Round 3 pick in 2025.

Trade compensation in both scenarios may not appear to be what you feel or believe it to be, but the compensation is based on a lot of research up to this point. In short, they are not simply something whipped up out of thin air.