3 vital lessons that LA Rams must learn from SB LVIII

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I: Big games are won by big guys in the trenches

Forget the MVP awards and the highlights. the biggest games are won by the big men in the trenches. Throughout the game, the battles between the offensive and defensive lines between both teams were a master class in NFL trenchwork. In the game, there were combined totals of 10 tackles for a loss, four quarterback sacks, and 169 tackles.

But even when big players did not record tackles, there often applied sufficient pressure to force mistimed or off-platform throws that fell harmlessly to the ground. For LA Rams fans, it was reminiscent of the outstanding impact felt in Super Bowl LVI by the combination of Aaron Donald joined by Von Miller. Now, the Rams must find that 'other guy' to create havoc for opposing offenses.

Don't get me wrong. I believe that young players on the team like OLB Byron Young, Michael Hoecht, LB Ernest Jones, and NT Kobie Turner could have a huge impact in 2024, both in the regular season and in the postseason. It's just that in an NFL Championship, it's nice to have sufficient veteran leadership to ensure pressure comes with each snap of the football.

The team's front office will have plenty of opportunities to add a veteran or two to the offensive or defensive front. We recently reported that an All-Pro could hit the trading block for an affordable price. If the team believes like I do that 2024 is another opportunity to make a run at the Super Bowl, investing in game changers could be a very wise strategy this offseason.

Both the Chiefs and 49ers have invested in their offensive and defensive fronts. While the Rams began to do so in 2023, the job's not finished. Does that mean re-signing current players to ensure continuity for next season? Or does that entail drafting new faces in hopes to upgrade even higher?

The Rams now know what must be done. The next question is: Can the team do it all this offseason?