3 ways Round II of RB Sony Michel optimizes Rams offense

Sony Michel Los Angeles Rams
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If you do not believe that LA Rams re-signing running back Sony Michel will matter to the Rams when it comes down to the 53-man roster, you are not alone. While I do not share that opinion, I must admit that there are plenty of Rams fans who believe that the return of running back Sony Michel is nothing more than an effort to jump start a group of young running backs to get them all up to speed and through Rams training camp.

Then, like a booster rocket that has exhausted its fuel, they expect the Rams to jettison the veteran ball carrier to make room for all of the young promising players who need time and opportunity to develop. And that does have a bit of undeniable logic to it.

Sony Michel is back in the saddle again

But has Sony Michel returned to be more than a camp body?

When I look at the Rams running back room, there is a sense that the Rams may be a bit more strategic in signing Sony Michel than that. After all, the LA Rams are entering the 2023 training camp with five promising running backs. But one year from now, the Rams will be down to just RB Kyren Williams and Zach Evans, assuming that both make the roster cuts this year.

2023 is the final year on the contracts for RB Sony Michel (UFA), Cam Akers (RFA) and Ronnie Rivers (ERFA). Do the Rams have confidence in their 2024 roster? Or are the Rams still focused on solved the running back riddle for 2023? In either case, Sony Michel may be the solution to the problem. But how?

Well, it starts by defining the challenge. Right now, I believe that the Rams are very motivated to protect veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford, add balance and versatility to the offense, and attempt to maximize their time of possession to give a young and untested defense plenty of time to catch their collective breath on game day.

Now, here is how Sony Michel will help to accomplish that: