3 ways Round II of RB Sony Michel optimizes Rams offense

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III: Plug and play veteran

Perhaps one of the qualities about veteran running back Sony Michel is the fact that he is an accomplished veteran rusher who can be counted on to deliver his best effort in whatever role the Rams may task of him. That is hugely important in the middle of the NFL season when the Rams need to get a touchdown or a first down and need a short run to do so.

No matter how positively we feel now about young rushers, they are still unproven. If the Rams need a good short-yardage gain, Sony Michel has proven to this Rams team that he can deliver. In fact, with the exception of Cam Akers' final three games in 2022, Sony Michel is the only running back to gain over 100 yards in a game for the Rams in the past two seasons.

II: A strong veteran presence

One of the benefits of having a veteran on a roster dominated by young players is the fact that veterans tend to smooth out the highs and lows of a chaotic season. If you recall, the LA Rams were struggling with a losing streak, and the offense was reeling from the loss of WR Robert Woods to injury, and trying to acclimate WR Odell Beckham Jr. to the playbook. RB Sony Michel stepped up for the team and he helped to carry the Rams through those struggles to end the season with five victories out of the final six games.

How does teammate Cam Akers feel about the return of Sony Michel?

"It means a lot having Sony in the running back room. Just his presence, that leader presence. He is smart, he is a ball player and he is a leader. He is more like a big brother figure in that room. So it is great to have him back. I am happy. I am excited."

Per Cam Akers re: Sony Michel

The LA Rams may need to get more yardage out of running the football than ever before. If that truly is the case, then the Rams will need a guy like Sony Michel on the roster to ensure that this team can consistently move the chains and control the clock.