3 worst free agent signings under Rams GM Les Snead

Les Snead, St. Louis Rams, LA Rams
Les Snead, St. Louis Rams, LA Rams / Michael Thomas/GettyImages
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With the advent of a new NFL Free Agency market, it's vital to realize that not all free agent signings are wise or productive. Invariably, some LA Rams fans will take offense whenever they might be reminded of past failures. But why? It's common for all NFL teams to swing and miss at free agents at some point in their history. It's simply hubris to be angered at a perceived slight or indignancy that impacts all teams.

The greatest lessons learned are those that rise from the ashes of failed attempts. Those who are unwillingly, or even get emotionally triggered, over the effort to learn from past mistakes ultimately learn nothing at all. Those lessons are lost, destined to be shamed into oblivion.

But the shine of success must embrace those failures. Nothing comes easily. There is no thrill to achievement if it does not have that component of smugly refuting failure. The sweet taste of the LA Rams victory in Super Bowl LVI would have been less sweet if the team had amassed a string of NFL Championships in succession.

There is a balance to all things. So let's dare to embrace past failures, not with anger or indignancy, but with an open mind of learning what happened and why the willingness to add a player for millions quickly soured for the team.

Sometimes players simply do not fit the roster, the culture, or the team's philosophy. It's nobody's fault. The landscape of the NFL is simply altered by the new terrain of initiatives that carve into the old way of doing things, and create channels for new methods. Of late, the Rams have been the icebreaker to those new NFL initiatives.

But for NFL teams that followed a tried and true path, only to find that they were landlocked by a receding tide, it's simply cause to deboard the old contract and write a new one. Under Rams GM Les Snead, that has not happened often, but it has happened enough to offer some lessons from the past and perhaps detect reasons for the team's new strategy.