4 dream scenarios for LA Rams entering 2023 NFL Draft

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Dream Scenario III: LA Rams emerge from Day 2 with 3 starters from among either TE, DB, Edge, OL, or DL

The value of draft picks is not where they fall, but rather the chance of landing a starter or at the least, a key contributor to the Rams roster in the upcoming season. Because the LA Rams have so few players on their roster right now, the chances of rookies selected early in the 2023 NFL Draft to make an immediate contribution has risen sharply.

But the Rams need more than better odds of finding starters in the 2023 NFL Draft. Unlike past drafts where the Rams have used that first pick to target a player who would either sit on the bench for the season, or simply struggle to earn playing time, the LA Rams have painted themselves into a corner this year.

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The time is now for the Rams draft

What that means is that the team needs to hit the bullseye with all three draft picks on Day 2. Not just to get any starter, but to find starting players at positions of significant value to the team. Whether or not you believe that the Rams roster has enough talent and depth at any position, if the LA Rams make selections in Rounds 2 or 3, those players had better have a clear and unobstructed path to direct competition for a starting role in 2023.

That means that the LA Rams cannot divert to a wide receiver who has blazing speed, but no prayer of starting for the team this season. So too, the Rams cannot invest in a running back for the future with the team struggling under so many present-day needs. While there is a clear overriding goal for the Rams to keep one eye open for the 2024 NFL season, redshirting a top prospect from the 2023 NFL Draft is not ideal.

The best that the LA Rams can hope for from the 2023 NFL Draft is not only to land very talented prospects but to emerge with players who play some of the most value-added positions on the Rams roster. And the absolute best that the Rams can hope for in a dream scenario is to get four-year starters at those positions in this year's draft class.