4 dream scenarios for LA Rams entering 2023 NFL Draft

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Dream Scenario II: LA Rams can trade back on Day 2 to pick up a Round 4 pick

Even as the LA Rams have 11 draft picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, the distribution of those picks is a bit skewed. In short, the Rams hold three picks among the Top-80 pick of the 2023 NFL Draft, then must sit for 90 draft picks to pass, and finally step up to the draft podium eight more times over the next 67 picks.

That's a bit lopsided.

That is why we believe one of the Dream Scenarios in the 2023 NFL Draft should include the Rams trading back in Round 2 to a later Round 2 pick and in the process picking up at least one pick in Round 4. Or, should no offers present themselves for the 36th overall pick, perhaps the Rams can convert one of their two Round 3 picks into an early Round 4 pick and an early Round 5 pick. In either case, the objective is not only to add the number of picks held in this draft but to ensure that the Rams can make selections at regular intervals.

Even out those picks to avoid missing out on picking key contributors

One of the risks with holding such an unevenly distributed set of picks in the 2023 NFL Draft is the risk to not holding picks at all. Namely, the Rams may not have the opportunity to choose some very talented rookies who may project as ideal fits to the Rams roster simply due to the fact that the Rams have no picks when those prospects appear among the top talented prospects remaining on the draft board.

Edge rusher is a good example of why this is important. For illustration purposes, let's assume that the talent at outside linebacker is assessed to have the most value on or about picks 100 through 150, and that each of the ten prospects that the Rams are most interested in have a similar skillset and talent profile. If the Rams use one of their first three picks, that is an overreach for an outside linebacker. But if the Rams stand pat and do nothing, they run the serious risk of being shut completely out of landing a key contributor at that position, despite holding a grade of potential starter on ten rookies.

Why not just trade up? While that is a possibility, it takes multiple picks to trade up, and only works if the LA Rams can find and meet the asking price of a team that is seeking to trade back. The LA Rams need more bodies than any other NFL team, so combining multiple picks to move up in the draft should only occur as a last resort.