4 LA Rams offensive players who step out of the shadows in 2023

Alaric Jackson Los Angeles Rams
Alaric Jackson Los Angeles Rams / Tom Hauck/GettyImages
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If there is any realistic chance for the LA Rams to enter the discussion for the NFL Playoffs this season, the offense will have to play a primary role in winning games. Not just by controlling the clock, but by putting up points, keeping a handle on the football, and converting on those treacherous down and distance scenarios: Third down, fourth down, and Red Zone.

It may not be fair to the Rams offense to expect so much from this unit. After all, with nearly the same group of players (some could argue that the 2023 Rams roster on offense is even less dangerous), the Rams offense was only able to score an average of 18.1 points per game, which was only good enough for 26th overall place in terms of NFL scoring offenses. So what is it about the 2023 NFL offense that will turn things around?

The LA Rams are counting on players returning for the 2023 NFL season in full health and with chips on their shoulders. That strategy worked in 2020, so it ought to pay dividends in 2023, right? Well, it could, as long as a number of players who, until now have been kept in the shadows of the Rams offense, step out into the spotlight in 2023. Like who? I was hoping that you might ask that:

Can't ignore this guy on OL any longer

While the LA Rams may disagree with me by the time all the dust settles, I cannot fathom any reason not to start Alaric Jackson on the offensive line this season. Of course, it's tough to make any sort of argument as long as the LA Rams practice in shorts and short sleeves. Proof of his competency will only come with the arrival of football pads going onto the players. So how can I be so sure? The truth of the matter is that I've seen enough over the past two seasons to have a good idea of just how good Jackson can play, and he's just that good.

Alaric Jackson is a huge fierce offensive lineman who not only looks the part of a starter, but acts the part as well. He stands 6-foot-7 and weighs over 330 pounds. How do we know his weight? He told us himself, lol.

The LA Rams offensive line was battered by injuries in 2022, which compelled the Rams to move Alaric Jackson from right guard to left tackle, and got a seamless transition and admirable production from him as their starting blindside blocker. Jackson has the fearless confidence that is a prerequisite for competing on an island at left tackle. But he also possesses a bit of a snarl, the angry disposition of someone who was startled out of a deep sleep long before they wanted to wake up.

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But most of all, who's kidding who? I would love to see 6-foot-7 330-pound Alaric Jackson line up on the left side next to 6-foot-4 330-pound rookie Steve Avila. I think many LA Rams fans would be thrilled to see what they could do side by side in 2023.