4 options to restore the LA Rams pass rush in 2023

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Khalil Mack

After the LA Rams tried to land veteran OLB Von Millier in the 2022 NFL Free Agent market and failed, do they have enough stamina to try it again with a player who has no direct ties to the Rams organization? Well, if the player is veteran outside linebacker Khalil Mack, you bet. After all, he was the former teammate of the Rams current veteran outside linebacker Leonard Floyd, and you can bet that they would be one helluva one-two punch for the Rams pass rush in 2023.

Of course, there is a small wrinkle in those plans. You see, Khalil Mack is currently under contract with the LA Chargers. But the Chargers need to shed expensive players to get under the 2023 NFL salary cap limit, and Khalil Mack's name headlines the veteran players names of possible Chargers' cap casualities.

Mack us still a force to be reckoned with, putting up eight quarterback sacks and 50 tackles for the LA Chargers in 2022. In fact, he led Charges defense in quarterback sacks and was ninth on the team in total tackles. He remains an outstanding option, not just for the LA Rams, but for any NFL team in need of an experienced pass rusher. We saw what type of impact a veteran OLB can make for the LA Rams defense with the addition of Von Millier in 2021. And we saw what a challenge it can be to sign a veteran pass rusher with the Rams free agency efforts to extend Von Miller last off-season.

If the Rams want a true veteran contributor in 2023, then it's tough to deny that adding veteran OLB Khalil Mack would miss that mark. Not only does he produce, but his familiarity with Rams veteran Leonard Floyd is almost an ideal situation. Can it happen? If the LA Chargers waive Mack, you can bet the rumors will instantly ignite over the Rams signing him. Will it happen? That's a altogether different matter.