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Javon Hargrave

The LA Rams are not a foolish NFL organization in any sense of the word. After the past two seasons of scares over the possible retirement of All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald, you have to believe that this team understands that the shelf-life of their star defender may be winding down. That is not to say that any retirement is imminent. It's simply the fact that the threat of retirement has clung to the LA Rams for two seasons, and the whispers will only increase in volume as time passes.

It was that threat of Donald's retirement that compelled the LA Rams to attempt prying Carolina Panthers young star defensive lineman Brian Burns away, offering up a package that reportedly climbed as high as two first-round picks plus at least one second-round pick. That is a pretty substantial package for a team that will not enjoy a first round pick until the 2024 NFL Draft. Clearly, the Rams remain on the hunt for players who can move the needle on defense.

Eagles veteran Javon Hargrave will be hotly pursued in free agency

One interior defensive lineman who could attract the LA Rams interest is Philadelphia Eagles veteran defensive tackle Javon Hargrave. Hargrave is projected to hit free agency and be one of the hottest free agents available in the 2023 NFL Free Agency market. The Eagles will let him test free agency because, quite frankly, that defense was loaded with premier pass rushers. While 11 quarterback sacks would have led the Rams defense, it was only good enough for a three-way tie for second place on the Eagles roster.

Hargrave may or may not hit free agency, but his projected value of $13 million per season seems like a solid investment. The Rams need help on the defensive line, and a player like Hargrave gives the Rams a veteran starter on the defensive front who has that uncanny knack of getting after the quarterback. While I am not convinced that the Rams will pursue him to the point of entering a bidding war, Hargrave is the type of player who would created a lot of buzz over the Rams defense, and a lot of production during the 2023 season.