4 options to restore the LA Rams pass rush in 2023

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Fletcher Cox

While some believe that DT Fletcher Cox has lost a step, he continued to put up solid numbers for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2022. He recorded 43 tackles and seven quarterback sacks, which was good enough for fifth-best on a devastatingly effective Eagles pass rush. Although he is 32 years of age, don't think for a minute that the guy has no more gas in his tank.

Cox has played 11 seasons in the NFL, all with the Philadelphia Eagles defense. While he fought through injuries in both 2020 and 2021, his 2022 season was a prime example of how effective he can still be in a defensive rotation. In 17 games, he was one of the key veteran leaders to the Eagles defensive front that continued to be fresh as a daisy as they never abated their relentless pursuit of opposing quarterbacks. One reason was the fact that Cox agreed to a one-year deal of $14 million, but which was structured in such a way to allow the Eagles to give Cox a post-June 1 release. His salary cap hit in 2022 was only $4 million.

Why Cox? Why not?

The LA Rams have two veteran defensive linemen who hit free agency in 2023 in Greg Gaines and A'Shawn Robinson. So why would the Rams be interested in a veteran like Fletcher Cox instead? Well, for starters, this is a pass rush article, and Cox has put up 65 quarterback sacks over the course of his 11 NFL seasons. For comparison's sake, LA Rams All-Pro Aaron Donald has recorded 103 quarterback sacks in nine NFL seasons. Cox is just one year older than Donald.

Is Fletcher Cox the answer for the foreseeable future? Perhaps not. But let's not lose sight of the forest for the trees right now. The LA Rams window of competition remains open now, not five years from now. And Fletcher Cox has plenty of NFL Playoff experience, can get to the quarterback, and could be signed to a team-friendly deal. The question is, are there any better players at a cheaper price? I don't see many who could be. In fact, he may be less expensive to re-sign than either Greg Gaines or A'Shawn Robinson