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Samson Ebukam

While you may not jump out of your chair at the thought of signing former LA Rams outside linebacker Samson Ebukam, he may be a better rotational player than you realize. After all, he was one of the Rams steady rotational players through the 2020 NFL season, before he signed on to play for the NFL West Division rivals, the San Franciso 49ers, in 2021. At the time, pass rushers were at a premium, and the 49ers added Ebukam with a two-year $12 million deal that has since expired.

Ebukam is not a starter, nor do the LA Rams need him to become one. He is a solid rotational player who suits up each week and delivers steady and productive defensive player that is neither outstanding nor disappointing. Perhaps steady as she goes would not be a bad direction to take for the Rams defense after a string of players were released after ineffective disappointing seasons.

Hurt 49ers and help Rams roster? Yes, please

Keep in mind that the San Francisco 49ers defense is going through another bit of upheaval, and that the expectation continues to be that many 49ers defensive players who will test the NFL Free Agency market this off-season plan to follow former DC DeMeco Ryans to the Houston Texans. I don't believe that applies to Ebukam.

The Rams have plenty of young talent on the roster, and they all want a crack at earning playing time in 2023. A Rams free agency signing of Ebukam to the Rams roster not only gives the defense flexibility is meting out playing time, but afford the team of a spot starter should the team suffer any untimely injuries at the position.

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Of course, the Rams will be looking at a rather deep rookie class of 2023 for edge rushers to aument their roster, and that could mean finding a rookie player who is so accomplished in OTAs and training camp, that he earns a starting role for the team by the time the 2023 NFL season gets underway. But in the likely scenario where that does not take place, adding Samson Ebukam to the Rams roster makes sense.