4 Rams offensive upgrades that will push team into Top-3 tier in 2024

The LA Rams will be leaning heavily into the offense once more to lead the team to victory. Thankfully, here are some reasons to be confident in the offense for the 2024 NFL season
Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams
Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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When it comes to the LA Rams offense, 2023 was nothing to sneeze at. The offense's ability to move the football was good enough for a Top 10 ranking (ranked seventh) while the ability to put points on the scoreboard was also good enough for a Top 10 ranking (ranked eighth). But if this team has any hopes to compete in, let alone win, Super Bowl LIX, the offense will need to do a lot better.

How much better? Well, to win it all, the offense must bear the load. At least through the course of the 17-game season. After all, the Rams offense averaged 23.8 points per game last season. That was in spite of the team sorting through multiple iterations of the offensive line, playing two games without starting quarterback Matthew Stafford. The Rams also had to weather the storm of five games without RB Kyren Williams, as well as five games without WR Cooper Kupp.

So a Top 10 finish for the offense in 2023 is rather remarkable.

But there continues to be room for improvement. After all, the team shed a number of key veterans after the 2022 NFL season, and was running on a rather strict budget in 2023. That limited the number and quality of free agent veterans who could be realistically added to the team last year. As such, the offense was squeezed as well.

The Rams did manage to hit solid production with WR Demarcus Robinson later in the season, and his ascension to the third wide receiver role coincided with the winning streak that ran seven victories in the final eight games. That is no easy feat. The Rams stated that they are committed to a larger and season-long role for Robinson in 2024. But even if true, there are other enhancements to this offense that bear discussion. They are: