4 Rams who won’t make the 53-man roster in 2024

Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Even before the 2024 NFL Draft arrives, the LA Rams roster is beginning to take shape. Like concrete poured onto a new driveway, it's not ready to drive on just yet, but it's beginning to congeal to a point that onlookers begin to have a pretty good idea of what the finished product will look like. So it is with the Rams 53-man roster.

Even before the dozen or so drafted rookies arrive, followed by an equal or more number of undrafted college free agents, the team's 53-man roster has some form to it. We know that the Rams have invested heavily in the offensive line and secondary so far and that the length and value of contracts handed out for those areas indicate starters have been added to the team.

While there is more to do before the team has filled all vacancies and OTAs and training camp are upon us, the team's offense is nearly to the point of the opening day kickoff. There may or may not be a receiver or two added to the mix, and perhaps depth players as well, but the offense appears to be where it needs to be in terms of the starters.

But even as the team prepares for the new 2024 NFL season, and the plans focus on rookie additions, some players already find themselves deep on the initial depth chart. For rookies, that does not pose an insurmountable challenge. They have the benefit of the doubt, plus the reality that they are new to the NFL. They have time to compete for playing time and a roster spot.

But returning veterans do not have that initial grace period any longer. Second-year veterans or more have to show almost instantly that they have what it takes to play, to produce, and to be durable enough to be counted on. Like it or not, four players on the Rams roster are already on the bubble and are likely not to make the 53-man roster.