4 reasons why LA Rams may not fire underperforming ST Coordinator Chase Blackburn

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Brett Maher, Ethan Evans
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Brett Maher, Ethan Evans / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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If you had to point to one of the three phases of the LA Rams team that did not perform well in 2023, you would likely point to the Rams special teams as the phase of the team that completely underperformed this past season. Overall, the Rams special teams did not feel special at all. While the team had an artillery gun for a punter, the team's coverage would often allow huge returns that all but negated the punt. And the Rams kicker(s) were so undependable, that even when they have flawless games, nobody really took note.

FYI, did you realize that K Brett Maher had a flawless three of three field goal performance in the Wild Card Round of the 2024 NFL Playoffs? Immediately after that game, a strong chorus line of fans surfaced on social media, decrying the Rams kicker situation, and calling for an immediate dismissal of Rams Special Teams Coordinator, Chase Blackburn.

There is never a shortage of opinions when it comes to certain coaches or coordinators on the LA Rams coaching staff. The LA Rams, once blessed with one of the best special team groups in the NFL, have fallen on hard times in that category of late. Since 2017, the year that the LA Rams hired HC Sean McVay, the Rams have had four different Special Teams Coordinators. They are:


First season

Last season

John "Bones" Fassel



Jonh Bonemago



Joe DeCamillis



Chase Blackburn



To move on from ST Coordinator Chase Blackburn is resetting the Rams coaching staff again, something that Rams HC Sean McVay is not necessarily warm and fuzzy about right now. A coaching staff, in many ways, is an assemblage of coaches who not only get immediate results on a football field but who cohesively work well enough together to make a difference in the team's overall development.

And LA Rams HC Sean McVay himself has stated that he is not looking to make any coaching changes:

How can it be so? Did the Rams not experience the same 2023 NFL season that we all witnessed? And then there is the annual Special Teams rankings by Rich Gosselin, which firmly ranked the Special Teams play by the LA Rams for the 2023 NFL season as the worst in the NFL.

Ah, but as Radio Commentator Paul Harvey used to say: "And now, the rest of the story . . . "