4 reasons why so many underestimate Rams best kept secret at WR

He was proclaimed as a really good start to the Rams free agency. So why are so many underestimating him? Here are 4 reasons why they are wrong to do so.
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Cooper Kupp, Matthew Stafford
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Cooper Kupp, Matthew Stafford / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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III: Demarcus Robinson remains a solid fit in this offense

The LA Rams' complex offense is not right for everyone. When it comes to the wide receivers who have shuffled through in this offense, the team certainly seems to have settled on a 'type' of player at both the wide receiver and running back positions. When it comes to the fit of veteran wide receiver Demarcus Robinson, he proved to be naturally effective in this offense.

I suppose it starts with a template that the Rams seem to favor. The original template, former WR Robert Woods, was the player who seemed to check all of the boxes in this offense. Since that time, the Rams have aimed at players like Cooper Kupp, Odell Beckham Jr, Puka Nacua, and now Demarcus Robinson.

Despite a lower volume of passes thrown his way, Demarcus Robinson did not fail to catch a single pass thrown his way in four of the eight games in which he was targeted in 2023. While you could make the argument that his light usage allowed him to put up those impressives numbers, I can counter with the opposite. Without a 'feel' for the game, and due to his lack of consistent usage, he had far more risk of not performing well.

The Rams had begun to alter their offensive strategies on game day to fit and exploit the vulnerabilities of that opponent's defense. As such, there will be times throughout the season when the team will feature a different array of plays and players. On those occasions, Robinson or any other extra receiver must be prepared to sit and wait for his number to be called.

Robinson proved his tremendous fit in that type of an offense. Not only did he rise from no targets to close out the season as one of the more consistent receivers on the roster, but he was perfectly willing to do so.