4 reasons why the LA Rams could complete NFC West sweep for Week 3

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Reason II: A young Rams roster gets better each week.

Just how many rookies are starting for the LA Rams right now? On offense, the LA Rams roster is starting rookie IOL Steve Avila at left guard, and rookie WR Puka Nacua as a starting receiver. On defense, the Rams are starting OLB Byron Young on the edge, and getting a lot of work out of nose tackle Kobie Turner in the middle of this defense. While that may not seem like a large number, that is just the tip of the iceberg for this young Rams roster.

Depth wise, this Rams roster is quite young. Even for the veterans who are getting playing time, they have had little true starting experience before this season. Before 2023, RB Kyren Williams played a grand total of 141 offensive snaps. He has nearly matched that number in just two games. Before 2023, WR Tutu Atwell had played for just 318 offensive snaps. He is on track to match that mark by Week 4.

Inexperienced players getting more experienced

The same could be said on the Rams defense. DB Russ Yeast saw action on just 113 defensive snaps in 2022. He has matched that mark already in 2023. Before this season, ILB Christian Rozeboom saw action on just seven defensive snaps. He is already more than ten times that number of defensive snaps in 2023. And it's the same story across many of the key contributors so far.

So this is simply not just a young team, but it is very much an inexperienced team as well. The gaffes, miscues, and mental lapses are bound to happen. and in the case of some players, they are certainly not letting us down. But they are trying. They are learning. And as we are seeing, they are doing all of the hard trial and error processing while still showing up big when ranked against other NFL groups.

Inexperienced players improve with experience. The LA Rams team that competes in Week 3 will be a better and more experienced team than either of the two previous weeks. And those teams were pretty good.