4 worst-case schedule scenarios for LA Rams in upcoming 2024 NFL season

Thursday Night Football, New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams
Thursday Night Football, New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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IV: Too many road games bunched together

The LA Rams opened the 2023 NFL season with three of four road games. That seemed to be a bit punitive, even though the team managed to claim a 2-2 record after that opening gauntlet to the year. Of course, any season in which the Rams face nine road games risks bunching too many road games together in bunches, but opening 2023 with three of four road games was a tough way to open the season.

Of course, the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers are themselves responsible for some of their own scheduling quirks, as the co-occupy SoFi Stadium as their home field. Because both NFL teams call SoFi Stadium home, NFL schedulers must ensure that whenever one team enjoys a home game, the other tenant must play on the road.

Because the Rams compete on the West Coast, travel is not as simple as it is for East Coast or Central teams. Not only are distances significantly greater, but the fact that the East Coast is three hours ahead of the West Coast can create crazy chronological challenges for the team's players. Games that start at 1:00 pm local time actually start at 10:00 am PT. That time differential can be difficult to adapt to if the team does not have a full week to prepare.

Another challenge to too much travel bunched up together is the havoc that travel time can play in the weekly schedule to prepare for the next opponent. If a team competes on the road for a Monday Night Football Game, Tuesday is all but lost for the team as traveling home in the wee hours plays havoc on players the next day.

Travel is a necessary evil. But it is still evil in terms of its impact on the Rams chances of winning.