4 worst-case schedule scenarios for LA Rams in upcoming 2024 NFL season

Thursday Night Football, New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams
Thursday Night Football, New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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II: Too many short weeks

As noted previously, the LA Rams could compete in a maximum of up to two Thursday Night Football games in 2024. While that allows the team to enjoy up to 10 days before competing in their next game, those short weeks are incredibly challenging for teams to adequately prepare for their next game.

Short weeks have their upsides. If the Rams play a Monday Night Football game before a BYE week, or a Thursday Night Football game after their BYE week, the short preparation time is neutralized by the presence of the BYE. That allows additional time for preparation and/or rest before MNF or after TNF. In essence, the presence of the BYE amplifies the impact of rest/preparation time into another week's time.

Of course, one Thursday Night Football game can be fun, and if timed correctly, can give the team a mini-BYE during the season with an extra couple of days post-game to relax. That is particularly true if the team wins on Thursday Night Football, as it is very satisfying watching rivals play football with the knowledge that the Rams have added another victory already.

One of the unique challenges facing all NFC West Division teams is the complexity of short weeks. Unless that short week ends with a home game, the affected team must shorten their practices to allow not only prep time, but travel time as well. If the short week ends up with a game on the East Coast, there is the time zone impact as well.

All in all, it's just nasty business for the Rams all the way around.