5 2024 Rams who are better than the brochure, including that gnat, Boston Scott

That pesky giant-killing gnat, Boston Scott, leads a field of five LA Rams veterans in line for an outstanding season in 2024.
Les Snead, Los Angeles Rams
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Ninja II: This veteran running back

While I would have guessed that the Rams running back room was saturated with fresh legs in the running back room, I love the new dimensions that veteran RB Boston Scott brings to the team. While he was never a 'feed me the football' type of running back for the Philadelphia Eagles, he did have his way of coming off the bench and electrifying the fans with a burst of yardage out of nowhere.

Scott is a lot like former Rams RB Darrell Henderson Jr. in that regard. But Scott can scamper on a limited amount of work in a game.

Despite standing 5-foot-6 and weighing 203 pounds. Scott casts a huge shadow on the football field. Not only is he devilishly effective as a spot starter in the ground game, but he is also an amazing receiver out of the backfield. In six seasons with the Eagles, Scott has 302 carries for 1,295 yards and 16 touchdowns. He also has 71 of 90 receptions for 566 yards and a touchdown as well.

Now he is coming off the bench to add a little oomph to the Rams offense.

But that is only part of what he does.

While the Rams special teams were not exactly the talk of the NFL in the first season for Special Teams Coordinator Chase Blackburn, the front office did the debut of Blackburn no favors in 2023. The team did draft an incredibly versatile punter in Ethan Evans, but that was where the investment in special teams ended. Blackburn had to sign kickers and a long snapper to the Rams roster after the 2023 NFL Draft, and was forced to use veteran WR Austin Trammel as the team's punt and kickoff returner.

Boston Scott is an upgrade to the return game in 2024. Not only does he have years of experience at the task, but his insight allows the team to strategize how to make sense of the new rules from the perspective of the guy who is returning kickoffs. Boston Scott was a remarkably smart signing.