5 best-case schedule scenarios for the LA Rams in the 2024 season

With the new season's schedule due out this week, what are some of the best-case scenarios that LA Rams fans can hope for?
Matthew Stafford, Kyren Williams, Los Angeles Rams
Matthew Stafford, Kyren Williams, Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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V: Spread out NFC West Divisional games

While the NFL schedulers did the LA Rams almost no favors in 2023, they did allow the Rams to spread out their impact of facing NFC West Divisional opponents last season. The Rams opened 2023 by travelling to face the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1, and then hosting the San Francisco 49ers in Week 2. By Week 6, the Rams had already faced each rival once.

After the Week 10 BYE, the Rams doubled down by facing the Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals in Weeks 11 and 12 respectively. While there are plenty of examples of how the Rams' 2023 season schedule worked against the team, the spacing and timing of divisional games was a plus. Of course, other factors negated any advantage this component offered the team on the positive front.

Still, you have to take what you can get. If the Rams face divisional opponents early in 2024, the roster will be healthy, and the team will have time to be rested, prepared, and ready to go. Coach McVay stand among the best NFL head coaches, and he will have the team ready to go. With a new head coach in Seattle, a second-year head coach in Arizona, and a disappointed and frustrated head coach in San Francisco, getting at least one game under the bridge from each opponent would be a huge plus.

I believe that the Rams, though young, will have a bit more consistency this year in terms of performance. The roster has been reinforced where it was thin and vulnerable in 2023. The defense is under new management, and DC Chris Shula has NFL in his genetics. I think the team will be fun to watch, but especially if the Rams face NFC West teams at least one time early in the season.