5 best-case schedule scenarios for the LA Rams in the 2024 season

With the new season's schedule due out this week, what are some of the best-case scenarios that LA Rams fans can hope for?
Matthew Stafford, Kyren Williams, Los Angeles Rams
Matthew Stafford, Kyren Williams, Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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I: Late season BYE week

The NFL allows NFL teams to get one week of rest through the course of a long and grueling week of the 17-game regular season. Typically, BYE weeks are scheduled through the heart of the regular season, ensuring that the last month of football is ripe for all 32 teams to compete. For the Rams, or any NFL team for that matter, the later the BYE falls, the better.

Why is a late BYE better? Well, the BYE week introduces a rest to players, who have to that point subjected their bodies to hard impacts and injuries without pause for weeks, if not months. Even one week of cessation of that taxing physicality is enough to let bruises heal up. Now, healing is better just before a playoff run than early in the season.

The reason follows two tracks of logic. The first logic train of though applies the proximiy of getting healed up to the playoffs as the reason to opt for a late BYE week. It gives everyone a chance to take a pitstop before making the push to earn a berth for the NFL Playoffs.

But the other train of thought is equally logical. In this line of thinking, later BYE weeks allow more bruises, nicks and booboos to form on players. With more minor injuries in place, a BYE week restorative properties are optimized. In essence, a BYE has maximum impact in the last week for BYEs to be scheduled.

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