5 Bold Predictions that will shock fans for LA Rams in the 2024 NFL Draft

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II: Rams will make at least two trades during the 2024 NFL Draft

The Rams have nearly a dozen draft picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, and seven of those picks fall on Day 3. While the success rate for the team at finding NFL star players late in the draft is historic fact (RB Kyren Williams in 2022, and WR Puka Nacua in 2023), the Rams may view seven picks on Day 3 as too many. And the gap that the team must sit through from the 99th overall pick to the 154th overall pick (55 selections) may be seen as too great of an absence from the action.

The team may opt to trade back early in this draft. But the team could also package later picks to move up as well. The two picks in Round 5 could be packaged together to land a pick in the middle of Round 4. A Round 5 and 6 pick could be packaged to climb into Round 4. The Rams will not hesitate to move up or down the board to land 'their guys.' But I am uncertain how readily other teams will be willing to trade.

The Rams will make at least two trades through the three-day draft event.

I: Rams enter with 11 picks, but will emerge with 9 prospects

In 2023, the LA Rams needed a larger volume of picks. but in 2024, the team has to balance volume with quality. That may require consolidating some of their picks to end in the right positions to add quality prospects. By the end of this draft, the Rams will have made just nine selections. While that may not seem too far out on a ledge, keep in mind that the team is willing to move back and forth throughout this draft like a well-choreographed dance step.

I trust the Rams to identify and make every effort to optimize the draft, which will mean having the willingness to move in whichever direction helps to build this team into its most competitive form.

Not every prospect will start in 2024. In fact, many won't. But the goal is not to land All-Pro players at all 22 starting positions, but rather to form a cohesive team that can win football games. The Rams will do that, but it will require a bit of maneuvering to do so.