5 contracts holding Rams back right now

While the team has some money to spend, the 2024 offseason is by no means smooth sailing. Here are 5 player contracts that pose unique challenges, and may be holding the Rams back rignt now from taking action in other directions

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout, Les Snead
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout, Les Snead / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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IV: The final year of this player's contract is often tumultuous

The next contract under consideration is that of defensive lineman Aaron Donald. He is in the final year of his current contract, one that carries a 2024 salary cap hit of $31.7 million. The thing is, Aaron Donald has never been one to enter the final year of any of his previous contracts with the Rams willingly and quietly.

Even now, fans are overlooking the fact that any performance by All-Pro Aaron Donald is more than likely to require a new contract to be negotiated before he places himself at risk on the football field. He held out in 2017, not arriving at the team's facility until September of that year. He was a team holdout the following year as well, Finally, his latest two-year contract extension was handled quickly and painlessly by the team's front office in 2022, ensuring that Donald would suit up for the 2022 NFL season and beyond.

But here we are again, about to enter another final year of a player's contract who has no qualms about expressing his confidence and knowledge of his own self worth. That could mean either another hold out for more money, or a motivated LA Rams front office taking the initiative and entering contract negotiations to ensure that Donald is extended beyond 2024 before any thought of holding out enters his mind.

Or does the elite NFL defensive lineman even want to play football beyond 2024?

These are all huge issues facing the team's front office, and none of which are currently on the radar scope of NFL Insiders, pundits, analysts, commentators, or fans. This could turn out to be nothing more than the final year of a Rams player who has been one of the best players to ever play the game. But it could also prove to be a significant challenge to the team's financial Tetris efforts to get everyone to fit under the 2024 NFL salary cap.

Until we know which scenario plays out, this could be a significant matter for the 2024 offseason.