5 gold nuggets LA Rams showed in Week 1 win

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Sean McVay, Ernest Jones
Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Sean McVay, Ernest Jones / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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The LA Rams are 1-0. That is just one win, but it was a game that, on paper, the Rams should not have won. While it was just one win, if you dig beyond the basic box stats, you will find that there were a number of solid facts that suggest that this was not some fluke. This was not just a game of random events, but a solid win where two of three units for the Rams outplayed even the most optimistic expectations.

While 1-0 guarantees nothing more than a team that will not lose all 17 games this season, it was a desperately needed victory for the Rams in many ways. This is a young Rams roster, a team that was comfortable trading, cutting, or simply allowing the contracts to expire for a host of solid veteran NFL performers.

And while that is just one win, the Rams showed enough in the victory to squelch the doomsday predictions and 'sky is falling,' national narratives that have become all too common so far this season.

So to what can we attribute this sensational victory? After all, this was a game that was not handed to the LA Rams. This was a game that was won on the road against a very competitive NFC West Division rival. To win this one, the LA Rams roster had to put up a very valiant effort. We have come up with 5 gold nuggets from Week 1 that hold promise for a solid season.