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Reason IV: The deep crop of offensive linemen have yet to show up

The insistence by LA Rams fans that the team must focus solely on repairing and restocking their offensive line in the 2023 NFL Draft is certainly a message that is being sent loud and clear. But when the offensive linemen arrive, will the outcry remain as loud? I think that it's tough to remain passionately focused on one player with so many valued options.

I believe that the buzz will reach a deafening pitch when the offensive linemen take to the field for their events on Sunday, March 5, at 10:00 am PT. By then, we will have seen and heard from all defensive positional groups, as well as most of the offensive skill positions. But the creme de le creme for most Rams fans will be when the big guys arrive.

Unlike in other years, with a handful of NFL-worthy prospects, this year's class is particularly deep and talented. In the past, that often creates a run on other less plentiful positional groups, as NFL teams believe, and rightfully so, the deep positions will offer attractive options later in the draft. Of course, that scenario presumes that offensive linemen needy teams have draft picks later in the draft. That may not be the case.

Even the LA Rams, a team that so many insist reloads with offensive linemen in this draft, will be hard pressed to shop for all needs. Does the Rams front office prioritize their Day 2 draft picks to land a safety, a cornerback, an edge rusher, an offensive tackle, or an offensive center? Keep in mind that whichever positions are not selected within the Top 100 for the Rams fall to very late in Round 4 as their earliest possible option.

That is why I personally believe that the Rams could trade back in Round 2, and in the process pick up a second draft pick in Round 3 or 4. By doing so, the Rams could conceivably emerge from Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft with not just two key contributors, but perhaps three or four hot rookie prospects. In my mind, htat is a much more favorable outcome for the Rams.