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V: Whoever the next FA RB is to be signed

If there was ever a time to need a veteran NFL running back, now is the time. There is an incredible surplus of truly talented NFL running backs who are sitting idly by, awaiting the NFL to meet their contract and compensation demands. But that has a ripple effect, as the players who are still quite talented but cannot command top dollar are stuck in NFL limbo as well.

If you expect the Rams to be in the bidding wars for RB Dalvin Cook, Ezekiel Elliott, or Kareem Hunt, I would caution you to realize where the LA Rams are right now financially. The Rams roster is still not up to 90 players, and the team wants to keep a tight rein on spending. While the market favors bargains at the running back position, the LA Rams are shopping for penny candy.

Still, bargains could be found if the Rams are content to sign a mid-tier veteran running back. Who could intrigue the Rams after RB Sony Michel?

3 FA RBs who are affordable and productive

Leonard Fournette is a six-year veteran running back who still has plenty to contribute in the right offense. Standing 6-foot-0 and weighing a burly 228 pounds, Fournette is the power back type who can move the chains and move the pile if needed. He can start, or fill a rotational role if needed. Best of all, he is a gifted receiver and can be deadly effective as a runner/receiver in the Rams' offense. Price-wise, he may need a bit more than an NFL minimum, but he is worth the extra cost.

Kenyan Drake is another NFL veteran running back whose best season came in 2020 when he ran for the NFC West rival Arizona Cardinals. While he may not bring the same high ceiling as Fournette, he will not come with a higher price tag either. Drake is a 6-foot-1 211-pound running back who is also very versatile, gifted as both a ball carrier and a receiver. He still has enough oomph to move the chains, and he has extensive experience as a kick returner.

Marlon Mack is another veteran running back option if the team merely wants to have a veteran presence to get younger players through training camp. Mack was the feature back with the Indianapolis Colts who suffered an Achilles Tendon injury and has never had the same production since returning to the NFL. He is another versatile rusher who can be equally effective as a receiver. Standing 6-foot-0 and weighing 210 pounds, Mack can get short yardage when needed. He showed signs of getting his groove back with the Denver Broncos last season, and could be a factor if given a chance for the Rams.