5 LA Rams playing for their jobs at training camp

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How do you feel about the LA Rams chances this year? While there is always a bit of uncertainty, this year's roster is a bit more . . . diverse in its projections. I suppose you can thank the quality of the LA Rams coaching staff. If not for the reputation and respect that the Rams coaches have earned individually and as a group, many would view the Rams far more pessimistically.

We know that the LA Rams waived a number of tried and true veterans from the team mid season last year. And, by the looks of the teams finances at the end of the season, those moves were necessary to ensure that the Rams salary cap did not exceed their 2022 NFL salary cap ceiling. Still, once bitten twice shy. And so, the Rams front office is pushing back, already having shed a number of highly compensated players who were not living up to their level of compensation. The Rams used trades and waivers to get here. So, where is here?

You are 'here'

'Here' is the LA Rams, attempting to welcome, absorb, coach up, develop, and play competitive football with an unheard-of number of rookies and second-year players. Because this sort of thing typically only happens with expansion teams, many NFL pundits, analysts, and experts have opted to err on the side of caution this year. But, is that realistic?

There is one problem. With so many rookies added to the LA Rams roster this season, it's difficult to gauge who is learning to play NFL football in the upcoming training camp, and who is playing for their jobs. Well, we are here to help sort all that out and highlight a few guesses along the way. Of course, we haven't been any more privy to the coaches' meetings behind closed doors.

Still, we're not just spitballing names that come off the top of our heads. The LA Rams have patterns of activity that, over time, tend to give clues as to what the team may do when it comes to trimming the roster down to 53 players. But this year is definitely not following the normal script. So we are going to make our best effort to sort out the players who may be competing for their spot on the Rams roster. Who are they? Let's dive right into the discussion:

Who is fighting for their careers at the Rams 2023 Training Camp?

  1. DB Robert Rochell
  2. TE Brycen Hopkins
  3. C Brian Allen
  4. DB Jordan Fuller
  5. OT Joe Noteboom