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DB Jordan Fuller

Not to overdramatize the impact of Jordan Fuller, but let's be honest. If the LA Rams defense is to have any chance of outperforming expectations, defensive back Jordan Fuller will need to have a career year. And to have a realistic shot of this Rams' defense ending the season ranked better than the bottom third in the NFL, Fuller will need to put up numbers that will at least qualify him to be included in the NFL Pro Bowl discussions.

Now, the question is, can he do it?

Like the majority of players on this list, one of the huge concerns for Fuller is the fact that he has suffered a number of unrelated but debilitating injuries that could impact his ability to play. To recap, he suffered a shoulder injury in 2020 that forced him to miss four games. He returned in 2021, but an ankle injury forced him to IR, missing the final game of the 2021 NFL season and the playoff run leading to a Super Bowl LVI victory. In 2022, he suffered a hamstring injury that benched him for 14 more games.

Rams need Fuller's best to compete in 2023

When he is healthy and playing, Jordan Fuller can deliver like nobody's business. He allows a 71 percent completion rate when his receiver is targeted, but that rate has improved significantly from his 80 percent rookie season. And he has a 3.6 percent chance of an interception when targeted as well. He recorded 113 tackles in 2021, as well as defending four passes and getting an interception that year.

The Rams secondary needs a player who can lead the group, and that role is by default falling on the shoulders of Fuller. But don't expect the Rams to set it and forget it. With seven safeties on the roster, including Russ Yeast, Quentin Lake, and rookie Jason Taylor II, plenty of younger players are breathing down Fuller's neck for playing time this year. If he cannot deliver, they will gladly step up and step in.