5 mesmerizing red-hot position battles for the Rams in 2024

Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Jordan Whittington
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Jordan Whittington / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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III: Defensive line

Perhaps the greatest wildcard on the entire Rams roster is how well this young and newly formed defensive line can perform in 2024. This is a unit that has one returning starter (well one and a half) from last year's group. Former NT Kobie Turner will be sliding from nose tackle to the 3-tech defensive tackle spot one held by Aaron Donald. And the nose tackle position will be handled by returning veteran Bobby Brown III.

But this defensive line, beyond those two players, remains a bit of a mystery. Not in the sense that nobody knows what to expect. (Well, that is part of it) The main mystery is who will the Rams entrust to start and rotate into the defensive line.

One of the main players new to the NFL has clearly got to be former Florida State defensive tackle Braden Fiske. Whether he platoons with Kobie Turner or Bobby Brown, he is a force to be reckoned with. Standing 6-foot-4 and weigh 295 pounds, this defensive destructo has the versatility to plug and play in multiple positions on this Rams defensive front.

But the Rams boast ten defensive linemen heading into OTAs and training camp. So, let's make a quick list so that you can recognize the names throughout the summer months:

  • Anthony Goodlaw | DE | 6-foot-5 | 283 pounds | Rookie | Oklahoma State
  • Desjuan Johnson | DE | 6-foot-3 | 252 pounds | Year 2 | Toledo
  • Tyler Davis | DL | 6-foot-2 | 300 pounds | Rookie | Clemson
  • Tuli Letuligasenoa | DL | 6-foot-1 | 292 pounds | Rookie | Washington
  • David Olajiga | DL | 6-foot-3 | 276 pounds | Rookie | Central Missouri
  • Cory Durden | DT | 6-foot-4 | 292 pounds | Year 1 | NC State
  • Braden Fiske | DT | 6-foot-4 | 295 pounds | Rookie | Florida State
  • Larrell Murchison | DT | 6-foot-2 | 297 pounds | Year 5 | NC State
  • Bobby Brown III | NT | 6-foot-4 | 294 pounds | Year 4 | Texas A&M
  • Kobie Turner | NT | 6-foot-2 | 288 pounds | Year 2 | Wake Forest

If you notice one thing that is missing from the above list, is experience. The Rams 2024 defensive line is sorely lacking in seasoned veterans, which means that the team will lean heavily upon Kobie Turner and Bobby Brown III to set the pace and hold players accountable. There are plenty of talented players in this group. But we have yet to determine whether they can compete consistently week in and week out.