5 players who could be nice surprises for the Rams in 2024

Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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Even before the LA Rams draft approximately 11 new rookie prospects to add to the team in 2024, the addition of new free agents already have elevated the optimism for the team. Rams head coach Sean McVay engineered an incredible winning streak for this team over the last eight regular season games. From a team that had fallen to a record of 8-18 over its previous 26 games, the sudden snap to attention seemed to be a miraculous turn of events.

But in reality, the pieces added throughout the 2023 offseason were finally falling into place.

The Rams were no accident in 2023. The team simply began to make full use of the weapons added on both sides of the football. For every WR Demarcus Robinson who began to score on offense, there was a S John Johnson III on defense. The results were not highlight reels splashing huge plays by Rams stars across the nation. Rather, this became a team that won because of a myriad of fundamentally sound football.

The type of success that feeds on itself. A running game that drives ball control on offense rests the defense. The defense, in turn, begins to make stops, getting the football back to the offense's hands. And the pattern continued to close out the 2023 season.

Still it's a new season, with a new defensive coordinator, and a shopping list to improve this team over the course of a new offseason. While we may not know which rookie prospects will join the team, we have a pretty good idea of who could be pleasant surprises for the LA Rams in 2024. Let's explore five of those players now: