5 players who could be nice surprises for the Rams in 2024

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III: Rams fans will find reason to cheer this former foe

The LA Rams have never beaten quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. That streak will not end in 2024. After all, the team has signed Jimmy G to a one-year prove-it deal, and that has not sat well with all fans. While some hypothesize that the only opportunity for action in 2024 will coincide with injury to starting quarterback Matthew Stafford, Garoppolo may see action if the Rams can put up a significant lead to opponents this season as well.

And there is always room to play if the Rams sit players on the final game of the season.

It's uncanny to absorb the fact that the San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback for six NFL seasons is now the backup quarterback on this roster. While he is an oft-injured quarterback, he has an uncanny knack of making the right throws at the right time to win games. After all, he has 13 fourth-quarter comebacks and 13 game winning drives over the course of his career. Just to place that into perspective, Rams starting quarterback Matthew Stafford has piloted 35 fourth-quarter comebacks and 44 game winning drives.

The LA Rams are not handing over the keys to the team by signing Garoppolo to a one-year deal. The strategy is simple. The Rams know that they will face the 49ers at least twice this season, and Garoppolo's intimate knowledge of their roster and coaches will be incredibly valuable when the two teams face off in 2024. But Garoppolo is more than a play of espionage to aid the team.

The Rams need a proven winner as a backup quarterback. Jimmy Garoppolo has a career record of 43-20 in the regular season, and 4-2 in the playoffs. If the Rams need Jimmy G to step into a game at any point in the 2024 NFL season, whether to finish off a game or to step up for an injured teammate, the front office believes he gives the team the best chances of winning.