5 players who could be nice surprises for the Rams in 2024

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II: Blind side offensive tackle can earn a big contract

Off the football field, Alaric Jackson has proven to be an approachable and friendly guy who is more than happy to talk shop with fans. But when he steps onto the football field, he is the blind side offensive tackle of the LA Rams, one of the most important jobs on the team, and in the NFL. Due to the fact that the Rams added Alaric Jackson after the 2021 NFL Draft, and due to the rules of free agency, Jackson was a restricted free agent in 2024.

But in assessing his performance, 2023 was for all practical purposes his first full season as a starting offensive lineman for the LA Rams. He played one game at left tackle in 2021, and did very well against a daunting pass rush from the Minnesota Vikings. He proved to be versatile in 2022, sliding into a temporary starting role at several positions when teammates fell to injury. But he earned the starting role at left tackle to start the 2023 NFL season.

While there was a bit of an adjustment period, per Pro Football Focus statistics, Alaric Jackson played 968 offensive snaps at left tackle and allowed just one sack and committed just three penalties. In the one and only playoff game in 2023, he allowed no sacks and committed no penalties.

That was just his first full season as a starter. He will be even better in 2024.

How do I know? There is no enigma about Alaric Jackson. He is dedicated to playing better and is a stand-up guy who takes great pride in his body of work. The front office and coaching staff know that Jackson continues to improve with each season, and in each game. He will turn 26 this year, and is entering his NFL prime. While almost all of the attention was focused on the interior part of the offensive line this offseason, I believe that Alaric Jackson will play the best season of his career in 2024.