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I: This former All-Pro DB can reclaim his peak form

There is no dispute that former Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White has a lot of respect and interest from NFL teams throughout this free-agency market. Of course, much of the interest and respect that he held this year was based on the curiosity of whether he has more All-Pro performance left in him in the future.

The Rams believe that he can reclaim his peak playing days.

There was no hard data or compelling evidence to reassure the Rams that Ahkello Witherspoon could recover from a serious hamstring injury suffered in 2022. But the team needed a cornerback who was capable of starting, and Witherspoon checked all the boxes. To say that Witherspoon outplayed his contract is a serious understatement.

Concerns over injuries is nothing to be pooh-poohed. In some roles, injury histories are a solid means to predict a players durability. For offensive and defensive linemen, it is 100 percent certainty that the physical demands of those position will inevitably place too great of a demand on an injury site. But for a defensive back, there is a larger margin of error. While they are tasked with covering a lot of football field, the routes and demands of each play vary enough that the same muscles and soft tissues are less likely to suffer fatigue over the course of a football game.

In short, there is no correlation to Tre'Davious White's previous injuries and a likelihood of reinjury.

But there is even a better measure of Tre'Davious White's potential impact in the LA Rams secondary. San Francisco 49ers fans are already dreading having to face him this season. When a player addition gets noticed by rivals, that is a very good sign that something good will happen this season.