5 players who need to play large role in LA Rams success this season

If the LA Rams are to compete in the 2025 NFL Playoffs, here are five players who will need to play a large role in the team's success.
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Blake Corum, Jordan Whittington
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Blake Corum, Jordan Whittington / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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I: RB Kyren Williams

Even as the Rams load up the offensive line to be more physically dominating at the point of attack, and the backfield to ensure that the running game does not skip a beat if and when feature running back Kyren Williams steps off the football field, the ground game is still his to command. After all, Williams put up the NFL's third-highest totals of 1,144 yards and 12 touchdowns in only 12 games through the 2023 NFL season.

No other rusher among the NFL's top 35 running backs played in as few as 12 games.

That is not to say that Williams will be the only ball carrier who handles the football on the ground in this offense. But the team, and the play calling, needs to be a bit more unpredictable this year. That is, the Rams cannot go with a patented 20+ carries from Kyren Williams per game, and simply pile up yards by running Williams into the ground.

Ideally, the team should target running Williams somewhere in the range of 10-15 carries per game, and plan to use rookie Blake Corum to achieve a range of 20-25 runs per game, on average. In that type of scenario, Williams should still end up at approximately 240 runs for the year. If he manages that work load, can he remain healthy for the 2025 NFL Playoffs?

Keeping Williams on a leash should ensure that likelihood for two reasons. By managing his workload when healthy, Williams will have less chance of suffering fatigue when playing, which amplifies the likelihood of injury to soft tissues exponentially. Limiting his number of carries also forces the offense to have working alternatives for the running game, not simply a plan drawn up in training camp, only to be mothballed all season long.

Much like Cooper Kupp, the team must set a goal of keeping Kyren Williams healthy this season.

While there are many players who the team will need to be productive in 2024, the five key contributors who will certainly make it much easier for the team and teammates are these veterans. If they all have the type of seasons that they are aiming for, the Rams will not only be successful this year, but will be included in Super Bowl LIX discussions pretty quickly.

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