5 players who the Rams must re-sign after 2023

Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys, Sean Mcvay
Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys, Sean Mcvay / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Do the LA Rams need to start thinking about the 2024 offseason already? Perhaps not, but it remains a fascinating topic for discussion all the same. After all, the Rams are not likely to stir up a lot of interest in their departing free agents, which in turn will hurt their strategy of using the awarded compensatory draft picks to bolster the number of picks in the next NFL draft.

Without a complement of four additional picks, the Rams front office will need to reformulate their roster recovery efforts used over the past several seasons. In other words, the Rams may be forced to retain veterans in the future. Some should stay due to their experience. Some have earned the right to stay due to fulfilling their roles in the rotation. Some have earned a starting role on the team and deserve an opportunity to see it through.

Rams must blend veterans with youth

Of course, with each new offseason, a new NFL Draft arrives. With it comes the opportunity to trigger a little upheaval in the Rams roster. Drafting prospects who can compete for playing time while being paid less money allows the Rams front office to repurpose limited salary dollars to true game changing veterans.

Still, the LA Rams need more than new faces added to the roster each year. The experience of the 2023 OTAs and training camp proved that point, as the Rams progress in developing players was slowed down because too few players had been with the LA Rams before, and simply needed to be walked through plays, drills, and installs more slowly than in previous years.