5 players who the Rams must re-sign after 2023

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Time to give JJIII an extension

When the LA Rams signed former Rams defensive back John Johnson III to the roster, I immediately envisioned that he would resume his reign of terror in the Rams secondary. That never happened, and the truth is that JJIII has only 71 defensive snaps over 10 games for the LA Rams. So why in Heaven's name would I lobby for the Rams to extend such a lightly used veteran?

John Johnson III remains one of the most courageous and thoughtful players on the Rams roster, and is only 27 years old. While he has been getting only light use, he still is a strong competitor who can play the pass and the run with equal devastation. But most of all, he cuts through rhetoric and the coachspeak, giving honest answers and assessments about his own play, the play of his teammates, and the strategy of the coaching staff:

You cannot teach a player to deliver that soulful and honest perspective. Nor can you compel players and coaches to listen to those players who are willing to deliver that message. John Johnson III is the type of player who is willing to speak the wholesome truth from the heart, and he has the type of NFL career that warrants listening when he does speak.

Johnson finally got his first start for the LA Rams in Week 11 against the Seattle Seahawks, and the results were a hard fought win. The Rams defense held the Seahawks offense to just 16 points, and just three points in the second half. The Rams held Seahawks QB Geno Smith to 22 of 34 passes for 233 yards and one touchdown.

The Rams defense is bursting with young competitors. To help mentor them, develop them, and forge them into a cohesive team, the Rams need to ensure the right type of veteran leadership remains on the roster. John Johnson III is the right type of leadership for the Rams secondary.