5 positions the Rams could double dip for the NFL Draft

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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The 2024 NFL Draft is rapidly approaching. The event is already set up to be unique for many LA Rams fans who have followed along in recent years. You see, unlike the recent past in which fans could avoid the sports bar scene and catch up on the Day 1 summaries of the draft early the next day, the Rams are live participants in Round 1. And with the team making the selection at the 19th overall pick, the drama will peak for much of the event.

But the team will not give fans much of a break on Days 2 or 3 either. The front office will make three more picks on Day 2, and seven more picks on Day 3, for a total of 11 picks. With so many picks, some fans have already begun to question the sheer volume of selections. Can the team's roster truly make room for so many? After all drafted rookies making the roster in 2023, is there room for 11 more players to make the roster in 2024?

Finally, with 11 picks, could the LA Rams double dip at some positions through the 2024 NFL Draft? It does make sense, because the new roster brings its own set of questions and challenges. What happens if the team suffers injuries? What happens if the new configurations simply do not pan out as expected? Where is the competition that is needed to ensure that the team has the best player starting at each position?

Even as the Rams have been deliberate and disciplined throughout the offseason in terms of signing players for the 2024 NFL season, this is a team that may have several reasons to go heavier at some positions than not. After all, no NFL team roster is ideally prepared for the rigors of OTAs and training camps. And this team, aiming to appear and win Super Bowl LIX, knows they must be ready to handle injuries this season.

5 positions the Rams could double dip for the NFL Draft

  1. Defensive back
  2. Offensive lineman
  3. Wide receiver
  4. Defensive Lineman
  5. Edge rusher
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