5 positions the Rams could double dip for the NFL Draft

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Edge rusher

Despite the team selecting three outside linebackers in the 2023 NFL Draft, the position is back on the list of potential double-dipping by the team in the next draft as well. I am least certain about this position, but there are several compelling reasons for the team to select multiple outside linebackers from this rookie class.

Unlike the 2023 class in which the team's need was great but the talent level was not, the 2024 NFL Draft appears to have high quality talent that is both NFL-starter quality and deep enough to satisfy the appetites of most teams through early Day 3. Whenever a draft class is abundant in talent for a positional group, look for the team to stockpile that talent.

But we cannot ignore the fact that the team still has a strong need to find a starter or at least two strong rotational players in this draft at outside linebacker. That necessitates multiple selections from this draft at Edge. In fact, I expect that several returning outside linebackers could find themselves on the bubble after the 2024 NFL Draft concludes.


With 11 draft picks, the LA Rams have the most number of draft picks of any NFL team. While some believe that the team is ripe to consolidate those picks to move up to grab 'their guy,' I believe that there is more wisdom in staying put and staying true to their draft board. In 2023, the LA Rams proved that selecting the best possible talent that falls to the team can end up as the best possible outcome from the draft.

I view the NFL Draft this way. Would the team be better off with one powerball lottery ticket knowing that at least one number on that ticket is a math? Or would the team be better off with 11 scratch off tickets, knowing that at least two of those lottery tickets pay at least their face value?

That is the nature of the NFL Draft. Nobody is a certainty, no matter how high they are selected. The Rams found the best outside linebacker in 2023 with the 77th overall pick, the best nose tackle with the 89th overall pick, and the best wide receiver with the 177th overall pick. I expect that with the quality of the Rams coaching staff, this rookie class can earn similar results.

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